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Free Download Games Transformers The Game Full Version - Transformers is a popular media franchise about alien robots Hasbro fictional creation. They originate from the planet Cybertron, and has two main groups. The first is a group of heroic Autobots led by Optimus Prime / Rodimus Prime and the Decepticons criminal group led by Megatron / Galvatron. They all have the ability to change and adjust their body shape with a variety of models of objects that exist on Earth, such as ground vehicles, aircraft, animals, and modern electronic devices (eg mobile phones and CD players). Hence, they can change their own body weight mass (such as enlarged or shrunk), or some other such things merge into one another with robots. Transformers The most famous motto is: More Than Meets the Eye and Robots in Disguise. All the series and the Transformers franchise that there is now a sequel based on the original version in 1984 that adapted to the times.

Transformers is the biggest story of the Transformers: Generation 1, which is displayed in the form of TV series and written by Marvel comics, with two other versions in Japanese and English. The sequel is Transformers: Generation 2 and Beast Wars. Then in early 2000 appeared several other series and the Robots in Disguise Unicron Trilogy. In addition, live-action film also appeared in 2007 and followed by its sequel, titled Revenge of the Fallen in 2009. Until now, the latest series of The Transformers Animated series are made by the Cartoon Network.

Generation 1 (1984-1992)

Generation 1 (G1) is the series premiere of Transformers was released in 1984. Actually, the original base is a series of Transformers toys Japan in the 1970s, Microman and Diaclone, where the toys, which are described in the form of robots could turn into something like a car, tools, and animals.

Hasbro then managed to buy patents from Diaclone Toys, and then sell some of its patent rights to Takara of Japan.  Previously Jim Shotter and Dennis O'Neil was fired from Hasbro, but they are credited with creating robots both Autobots, Optimus Prime.  After that some other Transformers robot characters created by Bob Budiansky.

The main concept of the G1 is the eternal struggle between Autobots leader Optimus Prime fight the Decepticons leader Megatron. Where when they fought in space, their planes (The Ark and The Nemesis) interested in the Earth's gravity, and eventually landed on Earth pre-history, before the Transformers was revived in 1984.

Transformers TV series that first made in 1984 produced by Sunbow Productions, the story took a different path from the work of Bob Budiansky. Most of the story takes from the Marvel comic. In this version, the difference between the TV series the comic is: Shockwave loyal to Megatron on TV, while in the comics he was the leader of the Decepticons. Others, Dinobots are a sub-group Autobots, while in the comics they are independent. turn into Autobots Decepticons (Jetfire aka Skyfire), which can Constructicons merge into Devastator, and the giant Omega Supreme. In the Marvel comic, Optimus Prime was created from the Creation Matrix, but funny in the TV series season two, which create Optimus Prime is Alpha Trion by wearing a super computer Vector Sigma.

In the 1986 Transformers movie premiere theater called The Transformers: The Movie was released. With a storyline in 2005. In the movie, Optimus Prime's Matrix to Ultra Magnus changed hands because Optimus was killed. Furthermore, the planet eater, Unicron used his power to help turn it into Megatron and Galvatron, Rodimus Prime and then emerged, wearing legacy Matrix Optimus Prime. He then destroys Unicron.

In the third season of The Movie is based, Quintessons emerged as the creator of all the Transformers on Cybertron they called the factory.  Quintessons robotic creatures do not actually want them to have the intelligence, and for some reason, robots have feelings eventually Quintessons creation and strength. Those who are now familiar with the Autobots and Decepticons. At the end of the third season, Optimus Prime managed to rise from the dead and become the leader of the Autobots again.

But in Japan, with different culture and also the storyline, the U.S. version was not released officially, and they then make several more series of Transformers, such as The Headmasters, Super-God Masterforce, Victory and Zone. Yet in the U.S., the version of the work is continued in the form of Marvel comics, with Grimlock explores who became leader of the Autobots after Optimus Prime and Megatron were killed.

While the English version, the story appear to be different from the U.S. and Japan. In the UK, Primus becomes the creator of all the Transformers, and the eternal rival of Unicron. Another difference is, in the U.S. version of the comic that was published about 80 editions, while in the UK reached 332 editions.
Generation 2 (1992-1995)

This version is an advanced version of the G1. Was first released in 1993 with a number of comic books achieve the 12 editions. While the English version, there are five editions. The story is presented is a aseksuali Transformers, and then stopped by Primus. Subsequently, a colony, either Autobots or Decepticons, appeared and became a major comic storylines G2, long before the war between Optimus Prime against Megatron.

Beast Wars / Machines (1996-2001)

Contradiction with the G1 version, the 1996 TV series, Beast Wars, appeared long before the emergence of two groups of Autobots and Decepticons. They are a group of heroic Maximals (led Optimus Primal) and Predacons (led Megatron). 300 years after the great war, these two groups with an emergency landing on a planet like Earth, but with two natural satellites and energon with a high level. Alternative form of robot-robot also uses animal forms.  Referring to Bob Forward and Larry DiTillio, after they learn the G1, they then want to create a story using the elements of the Transformers series of ancient history. And so that's, Beast Wars included in G1, which appeared in the cartoon and Marvel comic. At the end of season one, one natural satellite of Earth-like planet is destroyed.

As a result of the destruction of the second satellite, is a mysterious energy that appears in some of the characters transmetal, and later planet called Earth in prehistory. This brings us to The Ark and The Nemesis where Megatron planned to kill Optimus Prime. Yet, the at the end of the third season, led the team to search for Primal spark. In two early season, Cybertron was a planet organic, with a plan to destroy Megatron.

However, differences re-emerged in Japan, when a Canadian version of the Transformers series (Beast Wars was not made from the United States), only comes with 13 episodes, they felt too short and too long to wait for a new one, finally said they were waiting for the Canadian version, they then create two exclusive Japanese TV series, now known by the name of Beast Wars II and Beast Wars Neo, to fill time slots Canadian imports to Japan.

Transformers: Universe

Robots in Disguise (2000-2002)

This is the first Transformers series imported from Japan for the U.S. region, with the number of episode 39. While the comic version, the U.S. still has a major role as a parent Transformers creator. Robots in Disguise are imported from Japan to the U.S. in 2001. In this story, Decepticons Megatron created as a sub-group of Predacons, with a story that mentioned person is a continuation of Beast Wars / Machines. Furthermore some of the Robots in Disguise characters featured in Transformers: Universe, such as Optimus Prime, Side Burn and Prowl.
Unicron Trilogy (2002-2006)

Three new series, which was then known as Unicron Trilogy by one of the creators of the Transformers, Aaron Archer.  The three series are, Armada, Energon, and Cybertron. The series is a series of joint production of Hasbro (USA) and Takara (Japan), and therefore, this serial was released simultaneously in the two states.

Fleet tells about the Autobots and Decepticons find the Mini-Cons on Earth, with some of them are weapons of Unicron. Energon is set 10 years later, with the Autobots to stop the Decepticons from the resurrection of Unicron with energon.

Again, differences emerged in Japan, when the Transformers: Cybertron appears different than the U.S. version. This led to a fundamental difference when selling Hasbro Cybertron series as a continuation of the Armada and Energon. Some of the plot is replaced by the Japanese, but the point remains the same, continuing the story around Unicron.

One question may arise in our heads, why called Unicron Trilogy? Because in all three series are almost all told of Unicron. Even with not incorporate elements of the story in G1, Unicron is a main character who lunge crimes similar to those in G1, as the destroyer of planets and planet-eaters.

If the version is dominated by Marvel G1 comic, then the version of the series, Dreamwave Productions Transformers comic became the official publisher. First is the Fleet made in the 18 series, with a different story with the TV series version. Then start 19 issue of the Dreamwave Energon call. Unfortunately Dreamwave bankruptcy trigger, until the story made less than 30 editions. But some fans were calling the last editions of the Dreamwave comics as an era of Transformers: Cybertron.

The Universe (2003-2006)

Set as a continuation of Beast Machine and also inserted some of the storylines from the Robots in Disguise, with some of the same character (such as Optimus Prime) and some new characters. The story contained in the form of an obscure comic book ending, and there are now at the official Transformers Collectors Club.

Franchise films

Transformers movie version of the real (not cartoons) directed by Michael Bay. While the story created by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. The main focus of this film is the Cybertron story that led to war between the Autobots and Decepticons, which in this film which is AllSpark.

This film tells the AllSpark as a cube that has great energy and in creating the life of mechanical objects. In the civil war on Cybertron, AllSpark inadvertently sent to Earth, and later found by the U.S. government. Then the Hoover Dam was built as a place as a super-secret government research. AllSpark Megatron actually caught up to the Earth, but he fell and crashed in the Arctic and then freezing Arctic temperatures as a result of Earth's north pole. A few years later he was found, and stored in the same place with the AllSpark. Then also followed the Autobots to Earth and find the AllSpark. The film then tells the destruction of the AllSpark, and can no longer cause the Autobots return to Cybertron and they agreed to make the Earth as their new home.

In the comic version, to support the film's story published IDW Publishing Transformers: Movie prequel. In this comic Optimus Prime calls Megatron as a brother, who then explained further that the Optimus and Megatron is the leader with Cybertron before Megatron's behavior changed. Optimus then send the AllSpark to Earth, and plans to destroy Megatron.

In addition to the comic, appears also novel Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday, where Starscream is very jealous and hate to Megatron, and he looked around for where Megatron away. Once can not be found, he immediately claimed themselves as the leader of the Decepticons, and explained to us the words in the film by Megatron: "You failed me yet again, Starscream." (Indonesian language meaning: "You disappoint me again, Starscream!"). Blackout loyal to Megatron depicted in this film, with his words: "All hail Megatron!" But this novel is a lot of contradictions with the movie when the body is frozen Megatron was moved into the Hoover Dam in 1969, while at the movies mentioned Megatron transported to the Hoover Dam in the 1930s.

Furthermore, in Revenge of the Fallen, Megatron returned Constructicons raised by the group, where he also must comply with the supreme leader of The Fallen as Decepticons. Of the Autobots, Optimus Prime was killed by Megatron, and reminds us of the storyline in G1, then using the Matrix and part of the body of Jetfire, Optimus back up. Stories in Revenge of the Fallen is an amalgamation of Transformers G1, Transformers: Unicron Trilogy, and partly from the Transformers: Animated

Based from the novel IDW, Michael Bay is planning to develop a Transformers movie franchise as much as possible, even if you can like James Bond or Harry Potter.

Transformers: Animated

TV stations cartoons, Cartoon Network to produce the Transformers: Animated, which began broadcast on several TV stations in the world from late 2007 until today. His real name is actually Transformers: Heroes. Animated set in the city of Detroit at age 22, when robots and humans coexist. base the story in the series Transformers: Animated is an amalgamation of the 2007 film version of Transformers and Transformers G1 in the era of the 1980s.

Until now, only three seasons of the Transformers: Animated is released. Rumors say in 2010 later fourth season of this series will be released. But in mid 2009, the series was terminated for reasons that are unclear.


Optimus Prime as the main icon of the Autobots Transformers, is the only leader to be fiction that many idol of the leaders of the countries in the world. One reason is decisiveness and dedication to the Autobots. So once in an episode of Transformers G1 Rodimus Prime said: It's hard for us all to get close to Optimus Prime in terms of leadership. As a form of homage to Optimus Prime, a statue of Optimus Prime as high as 12 meters, found in Yunnan Province, China, precisely in the city of Kunming. Transformers has entered into China since 1990, and became a favorite TV shows there. The statue was created to remind the younger generation of China in order to later show up as a leader with high dedication as Optimus Prime.

Meanwhile, Megatron is the main villain in Transformers (the Decepticons), has been named as one of the world's most legendary dictators. In the Wizard magazine, Megatron's position is at position 68 of the 100's legendary dictator of the world (both from the real world, as well as from the world of fiction). In addition to Megatron, one of the other Transformers characters that is Blurr, made history by going number one in Forbes magazine. This happened after the magazine named Blurr as Fictional fastest car in 2008 with a speed of 800mph.


One of the most debated controversies in the Transformers character is a matter of copyright. Unlike the original Pokemon that nearly all of Japan and later given its Classic version, in both the Japanese version of Transformers (Takara) and the U.S. version (Hasbro) in general is a stand alone and do not work in general. And even that's because of the problems, frequent confusion among fans of Transformers toys Transformers if you see the Japanese version and U.S. version. Although the sale of the same name for instance, but the color schemes and descriptions are always different. Until this very day, the Japanese version of Transformers and Transformers The U.S. version has not been able to unite opinion in general.

In Sydney, Australia, Megatron toy was examined by authorities because of Megatron as a replica of the Walther P38 pistol can be changed by the owner into a real gun is dangerous. As a result all the miniature toys Megatron in Australia must have a police permit if you buy the toy stores toys. Then at some airports in the United States, the tourists who buy toys Megatron in gun form must be disappointed after the souvenirs they are seized by airport police, again because of Megatron as a gun that is believed to be used for real firearms. After seeing this, the Hasbro then create another model of Transformers toys. Megatron then appear in the form of toys M1A1 Abrams tanks. Besides of course Cybertronian jet form in the Transformers movie of 2007.


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